Safe Dyne Pens

Dec 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Did you know?

How can you quickly determine if you are achieving the dyne levels you need? The quickest method is through the use of dyne pens. Dyne pens can be used prior to plasma treating and again after treating to determine the effectiveness of your surface treating solution.

Traditional dyne pen formulations include a mixture of Ethyl Cellosolve and Formamide. Formamide is a toxic substance and requires special care when handling as there are specific hazards associated with using them.

Enercon now offers a new water based formamide free formulation that provides reliable results without the toxicity concern. These pens provide a quick, safe and vivid means of testing surface energy on a wide variety of surfaces. They can also be ordered on-line.
To learn more about these safe dyne pens please click on the link.

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